Van with Kayaks and waterfall driving up the Salween DrainageInternational Whitewater

International whitewater trips require some extra planning and expense. However, they are well worth the effort. The challenge is deciding where to go. While New Zealand has many great whitewater trips, so does Ecuador, and Chile. The Himalayas produce numerous high volume rivers flowing into China, Nepal, and India.
The next question is how to get gear at your destination. While many of us prefer to run our own trips, many times it is easiest to sign-up for a commercial trip. Allowing personal gear to be left at home. For those wanting to run their own trip, one of the best options is a packraft. They are easy to pack and carry a substantial amount of gear. In addition, with a little practice they perform well enough to get down class IV runs.

Classic International Multi-day Runs:

Franklin River, Tasmania

Daqu River, China

Futaleufu River, Chile

Colca, Peru

Day Trips:


White Nile